Our Promotions Explained

Whether you are new to eir broadband or returning we want to reward you for choosing eir and buying online

Free connection for ordering online

If you complete your order online you will be connected Free of charge.

Free wireless modem for DSL broadband

Free wireless modem for all DSL broadband orders placed online. This promotion is only applicable if you place your order online; normally a modem charge applies for Next Generation Basic and 1Mb Home Starter orders.

Free Wireless modem for eir Fibre Advanced Unlimited and eir Fibre Ultimate

Free wireless modem worth €50 for all eir Fibre Advanced Unlimited and eir Fibre Ultimate broadband orders placed online.

€30 off your first DSL broadband bill:

This promotion will apply to you if you have never had broadband with eir or another authorised operator.

New Connections promotion - ends 26th June 2015

All customers connecting to eir broadband for the first time between 26th June 2014 to 26th June 2015 are eligible for the current new connections promotion. The discount will appear on your first eir broadband bill and the amount credited will depend on the product selected.

Next Generation Broadband Advanced €30
Next Generation Broadband Advanced Unlimited €30
1MB Home Starter €30
3MB Home Plus €30
7MB Home Advanced €30
24MB Home Turbo €30

This promotion is not available to upgrades or customers transferring broadband to eir directly from another provider. A different promotion may apply in these cases, see further details below.

Terms & Conditions

Customers transferring to eir DSL broadband directly from Other Authorised Operators (OAOs)

Re-use your modem promotion - ends 31st March 2015

If you are transferring to eir broadband directly from another Authorised Operator (e.g. Vodafone), you are eligible to avail of the re-use your own modem promotion. With this promotion, if you decide to keep your existing modem and use it on the eir network, we will give you €30 credit back on your first broadband bill.

If you opt for this promotion, we won't send you a new eir modem. To make sure your existing modem works on the eir network, you will need to make some setting changes please click here for instructions on how to set up your existing modem*.

*If your current modem does not work on the eir network, and the issue cannot be resolved with Broadband Support,we will send you an eir modem free of charge. In these cases we will also apply a 'Promotion Cancellation' to your bill to cancel out the promotion credit. Offer does not apply to eir Fibre orders.

Setting up your old modem To get further information on these promotions, please call us on 1901 and a member of our team will be happy to help.