Child safety online

One of the most effective ways of ensuring that your children use the Internet safely is to become familiar with it yourself.

Children often know more about new technology than adults so it is imperative to know your own way around it, so that you have a better idea of the pitfalls and can make sensible recommendations about how your children can protect themselves while getting the benefit out of this great source of information. More advice for parents ›

Tips for children

The Internet is an exciting way for you to find out about the world. It can be a pretty cool way of getting help with homework as well! To help you to get the most out of go to our tips for kids section.

Protect yourself and your family online

The Internet makes the world a smaller place where people around the world can talk, learn and exchange information. It is an ideal educational tool for families and offers children limitless opportunities to expand their minds and learn new things every day. Find more information on Online Safety here

eir is a member of ISPAI

The Internet Service Providers Association of Ireland was formed in January 1998 by the leading Irish Internet Service Providers operating at that time. It has since been supported by both indigenous and multinational ISPs entering the Irish market. Today there are 23 members comprising of Internet access and hosting providers.

The aim of the association is to provide one voice for the Irish ISP industry at national, EU and International level. The Association is represented at many government initiatives and provides a public point of contact for the media.


The service provides an anonymous facility for the public to report suspected illegal content encountered on the Internet, in a secure and confidential way.

The primary focus of the Hotline is to combat Child Pornography. Other forms of illegal content and activities exist on the Internet and may be reported using this service.

The Hotline, run by the Internet Service Providers Association of Ireland (ISPAI) since November 1999, is part financed by the European Commission's Safer Internet Plus Programme. It is supervised by the Department of Justice, Office for Internet Safety (OIS), in cooperation with An Garda Síochána and is a member of INHOPE, the International Network of Hotlines.