Important information about managing your email passwords

Your eir webmail password, along with all your other passwords, are important defences against hackers and online criminals. Without strong passwords, your privacy, personal data, files and reputation are all at risk.

Although it can be difficult to manage the many passwords for every website you use, it is important that you change passwords frequently, do not share them or write them down, and make them as 'strong' as possible.

'Strong' passwords are at least eight characters long and contain:

  • At least one numeric character (0-9)
  • At least one lower-case character (a-z)
  • At least one upper-case character (A-Z)

When choosing a new password, try to avoid using any of the following:

  • Names of any kind (e.g. your spouse's, your child's)
  • Any kind of easily-obtained number (e.g. your phone number or address)
  • Any sensitive information (e.g. your credit card number, your ATM PIN)
  • Obvious dictionary words (e.g. password, secret)

Of course, sometimes passwords can be forgotten. If you do forget your email password, you can change or reset it here To do so you will need to answer a security question, which you would have set up previously. If you have not done this, don't worry; we will shortly provide a facility for you to do so.

There is also more information on changing passwords available at eir's support site here.