Webmail Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Which version of webmail should I use?

eir recommends the advanced version of the new webmail. However if you are a dial-up customer or prefer the old webmail functionality try using the basic version.
Using the basic webmail version:
  • Tick the box for the basic version before you log in. 


  • Choose Login

Using the mobile version: 

  • Click on the mobile version, you will be taken to the mobile login page.
  • Enter your login details.
  • Choose Login.


Turning the reading pane on/off

To make more space for the e-mail text you can turn off the reading pane:

  • Click on By Message or By Conversation above the folder list.
  • Choose Reading Pane option.

Please note: if you have switched the reading pane off you need to double click the mail to read it.

How do I access webmail on my mobile phone?

Simply enter the mobile login link i.e. https://eir.ie/email from the mobile browser. Enter your webmail login/password and access webmail on your mobile phone.

eir.ie Webmail is free to use on your mobile phone however your mobile service provider may include usage based data charges.

How to open an email in a separate window

  • Select the message you want to read.
  • Click the Detach icon to launch the new window.

Selecting multiple emails

If you wish to select more than one email message press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and select other messages with the mouse.

How to move emails to a different folder

  • Select the message or messages you wish to move.
  • Click the Move icon and select a folder for your email. OR you can drag selected messages to the desired folder with your mouse.

How to delete emails without first opening them

With the Reading Pane on
  • Click and drag the email to the Trash folder on the left
With the Reading Pane off
  • Select the email or multiple emails you wish to delete
  • Click on the Move icon , select the Trash folder
  • Click OK
  • Or you can drag selected emails to the Trash folder with your mouse

Emptying the trash

If you wish to delete mails permanently from your mailbox, follow the steps below:
  • Right click on the Trash folder from the folder list.
  • Select the Empty Trash option.
  • Click on Yes to confirm.

Please note: once you delete mails from the Trash folder you will not be able to get them back.

How to print your emails

  • Open the mail you wish to print.
  • Click the Print icon on the menu.

How to turn the calendar on/off

  • Click on the Options menu
  • Select the Calendar tab
  • Remove the tick from Always show the mini-calendar option

How do I add external accounts to eir Webmail with one sign-in?

With eir Webmail you can add external accounts like Gmail, Hotmail Plus, Yahoo! Mail Plus or POP email with one sign-in!

To add external accounts please follow the steps below:
  • Open the Preferences, Accounts tab and click Add External Account. A new external account name is added to your accounts. Now you need to set it up.
  • In External Account Settings section Account Names field enter a name to identify this account. You can select this account name from the From address list when you compose new email messages.
  • In the Email Address field enter the exact email address of the external account along with other configuration details.
  • In the Download messages to section, select where the messages should be saved. The default is to create a new folder and enable it to receive the messages. But if you want the messages in your Inbox, select Inbox.
  • Enable Delete messages on the server after downloading them, if you want the message deleted from your external account when it is sent to your eir Webmail account.
  • In the text box below From: type the name that should appear in the From field of your outgoing email messages (for example, John). This is the friendly name that is shown before your email address.
  • If replies should be sent to a name and address different from that which you configured in From, check Reply-to. Enter the name and address that should receive replies for this identity. For example, replies to training messages John sends should be sent to Team Training at training@example.com.
  • Click Save to save this external account.