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Important information about eir equipment returns

If you have recently cancelled some or all of your services with eir, it is imperative that you return Fibre modem and TV equipment to eir within 30 days of the cancellation date.
Failure to return all equipment to eir will mean you will be liable for equipment charges which are outlined below. This charge will be added to a customer's final bill.

You must return all cables, power adapters, home plug extenders or any other accessories.

Please note Fibre to the Home customers should not return the optical fibre termination point (ONT) as it is used by other service providers.


Equipment description Charge for non-return (inc. Vat)
eir Fibre Modem €59.99
eir TV box (Apple) €100.00
eir vision TV Set-Top box €80.00
eir vision Multi-room box €40.00


Returning your equipment to eir is so simple. There are 3 methods of returns to choose from which are explained further below. We cover the cost of all of these return options, so there is no cost to you.

You can return your equipment by:

  • Dropping it to a Parcel Motel
  • Booking a courier (Nightline) to collect from an address of your choice
  • Dropping to a Nightline depot

If you would like to return your equipment via Nightline or Parcel Motel, please visit www.nightline-delivers.com/eir/home  to log the collection. Please note that you will need your account number.

Please ensure you have packaged all items into a suitable parcel or box and secure the barcode provided to you by Nightline on to the parcel.

For more information about cancelling your account see our FAQs below:

eir equipment returns

What happens if I cannot return my equipment within 30 days?

If you do not return the equipment within 30 days of your cancellation date this will result in a charge your account for each piece of unreturned equipment. These charges will be added to your final bill.

Will I get confirmation that eir has received my returned equipment?

You will not receive written confirmation that your equipment has been received by us, however, if you choose one of the returns options made available to you and follow the returns procedure correctly we will receive your return.

How can I change my Nightline booking?

If you need to make any changes to your booking please contact Nightline on 1890 321 890 and quote the reference number which can be found in booking confirmation email.

I don't have a Parcel Motel account, do I need one?

No, you do not need to hold a Parcel Motel account to avail of this returns method.

I cannot find information on equipment returns in the T&C’s of my contract?

The information on equipment returns is in the eir General Terms and Conditions which are available here.

I’ve lost my label, what should I do?

For fixed line equipment (modems, set top boxes, apple TV’s & home plugs) you can log onto www.nightline-delivers.com/eir/home enter your account number and book your return option.

What is the proper way to package my items?

Please ensure all items are packaged in a suitable sized box. If you cannot find a box that will contain all equipment together, please box each item individually. If you are returning your items through the Nightline Courier Collection or Parcel Motel using multiple boxes there is no need to secure the boxes together.

However, if you are using Depot Return or Freepost, please secure the boxes together to ensure we receive all the equipment and you are not charged on your final bill.

I have returned my equipment but I have still been charged in my bill

The equipment has to be returned to eir within 30 days from the day of cancellation of the service. If the equipment was returned too late the charge was applied on your account.
If you have chosen to return your equipment via Nightline, you can check the status of the parcel on nightline.ie

If you have further questions please contact our customer care team on 1901.