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Prepay upgrades

Let's face it. Your current smartphone has served you well. You've been through a lot together, but now it's time for an upgrade. With prepay upgrades from eir, you can keep your same number and upgrade to one of our superfast 4G enbabled smartphones.

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eir mobile FAQs

How do I opt in?

Simply choose the Simplicity offer that's right for you, text the opt-in code to 50104 and top up by the correct amount. Wait for two texts to confirm your top up has been successful and your chosen offer is active. Simple as that!

How long will my offer take to activate?

Your offer should be active within minutes, but you do need to wait for a confirmation text to let you know everything is active!

What's included in the Social networking bundle?

On the Meteor Simplicity 4G plans you will automatically get unlimited access to Youtube (until 30th June 2018), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, viber and whatsapp without eating into your data allowance.

How does "more than you can eat data" work without eating into my 15GB 4G data allowance?

If you are on an eligible plan, it will be updated automatically so you can enjoy unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Viber messaging. You will also have unlimited access to YouTube until 30th June 2018.

How do I get hayu access for 6 months?

Provided you are on one of the eligible plans, see above simply text hayu to 50100. You will receive your code within 3 working days.

How will I know my top up is due to expire?

The day before your offer due to expire, we will send you a text to remind you to top up. Use this as a reminder to top up so that you have enough credit to re-activate your offer.

Can I move plans to get this offer?

If you are not currently on a 4G Simplicity choose one of the plans above. If you would like to move to 15GB 4G Data and unlimited calls for €20 top up, just text "20 calls and data" to 50104. To check what plan you are currently on, text "offer" to 50104

How do I check how much data is left on my plan?

You can log onto and access your usage and plan details, download the Myeir app or text "Balance Data" to 50104 to find out how much data you've used each month.

Do I get to keep my credit?

On our Simplicity plans your credit is used to pay for your data, calls and / or texts so when you top up your credit is deducted from your account. You can use eir's IOU for services outside of your plan.

How do I qualify for an upgrade

You can upgrade any time with eir mobile. Simply enter your phone number and pin and choose the device you require.

If I upgrade my handset does my offer change?

No, you will keep the same offer as you are currently on. We do recommend you check out our prepay offers to ensure you are getting the best value.