eir mobile prepay top-up

Quick top up

Just topping up credits for your mobile or someone else

Looking for more ways to top up?

From your bank account

You can top up with your bank online, over the phone or at your nearest ATM.


Buy a voucher in store and top up by dialling 1741 or texting the voucher code to 50103.

By phone

It's simple to top up by phone. Just phone 1740 and have your debit or credit card ready.

eir mobile FAQs

How can I top up using my credit or debit card?

The easiest way to top up using your card is by calling freephone 1740 or by logging into myeir.ie

Can I schedule an automatic top up each month?

Make renewing your prepay offer easy by scheduling an automatic top up from your payment card a day before your offer is due to expire. Freephone 1740 or vist myeir.ie to schedule your automatic top up.

Will I lose my number if I don’t top up?

You will need to top up every 150 days to ensure your number stays active

How will I know my top up is due to expire?

The day before your offer due to expire, we will send you a text to remind you to top up. Use this as a reminder to top up so that you have enough credit to re-activate your offer.