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Moving House FAQs

I am moving house. How can I arrange to move my eir phone service?

How do I switch to another services provider?

How long will it take to move my phone service to my new address?

Can I keep my existing phone number and account number?

How do I keep my existing eir phone services?

How much does it cost to move a standard phone line?

How much does it cost to move a hi-speed eir line?

Are there any promotions currently available for eir services when moving house?

Why does it take my Broadband longer than my phone line to switch back on?

How can I tell if my line in the new house can be activated by eir without a call out from a technician?

Why can't I keep my current Broadband service at my existing address while Broadband service is being set up at my new address?

I am unable to transfer my current promotion e.g. Trial Line, along with my phone services to my new address. Why is this?

I am unable to keep my existing TalkTime UK package once I move my phone service to my new address. Why is this?

I currently rent a phone handset. Can I bring it to my new premises?