Legal Music

Tips and Guidelines to Preventing Copyright Infringement on your account

The following are some steps you can take to ensure that music files are not shared illegally using your eir account.

Do other people use the internet in your home?

If you are not the only person using the internet in your home you may wish to raise this issue with anyone else who accesses the internet through your account. If you are the bill payer you should make everyone with access to your eir account aware of the risks and responsibilities of downloading music online. Other users may not be aware of the implications of sharing copyrighted material, and their actions may affect everyone using the account.

List of recommended legal music sites

Uninstall Peer to Peer Software

If you are not sure as to what programs are on your computer, you can download free software that will help you identify music files and uninstall 'Peer to Peer' (P2P) software. Just go to where you can freely download and run on your computer/s a piece of software called 'Digital File Check'.

'Digital File Check' scans your computer for P2P software and guides you through the selection and removal of the detected file-sharing programmes.

Secure Your Wireless Connection

If you are using a wireless internet connection that is not secured, it is possible that your connection could have been accessed from outside. You should therefore ensure that your wireless router is secured using both encryption and password protection.

Check for viruses and malware

It is possible that your computer might have been infected with viruses or malware as a result of using unlawful P2P services, so we recommend that you install up to date anti-virus software. This will protect you from a range of threats, including fraud and breaches of privacy. If you do not have up to date anti-virus software you can purchase Norton Internet Security products from Symantec through eir Security

Advice for parents and guardians

The charity Childnet International has produced a new guide which provides useful tips for parents and teachers. The document can be legally downloaded using the following link:

Only access legitimate music sites View a list of some of the many legitimate music sites