Great news, from June 15th, you can now use your mobile plan across the EU, just like you do at home. This means you can use calls, texts and data from your plan while travelling in the EU.

Here’s what it means for you:

Calls & Texts: If you have topped up and opted into an offer that includes Any Network Minutes or Any Network Texts you can use these allowances in the EU like you would at home.

Data: You can use your available data allowance while roaming in the EU. Please make sure to check what you have available at the time of roaming. You can do this by following the instructions in the text we’ll send you when you arrive at your EU destination.

Free eir to eir calls and texts and free calls to landlines are not available while roaming and any usage will either be deducted from any available allowance or charged at standard rates.

Don’t worry if you haven’t topped up to activate your offer or are using calls, texts or data outside your offer allowance you will only be charged the same standard rates as at home. Plus we will send you texts so you know exactly how much data you are using. And remember you can always turn on your WiFi if you want to save your data allowance for when you get home