(Screggan, Co. Offaly 06:30, Thursday, 22nd September 2016) eir has announced the creation of a further 100 jobs as a direct result of the rollout of high speed fibre broadband across Ireland. The roles involve a variety of skills including poling crews, cabling technicians and fibre splicers.

KN Network Services Ltd (KNNS), a strategic supplier to eir, will recruit the 100 staff required and expects to fill the majority of these roles in the next 3 months.

The jobs will based throughout the country and, along with the 50 apprentices already recruited by eir this year, are part of a further ramping up of eir crews and contractors to 800 who are working on eir's rollout of high-speed fibre broadband to rural Ireland.

eir is committed to recruiting 300 apprentices over the course of the broadband rollout and will be announcing a further recruitment drive for apprentice and engineering roles in the coming months.

Carolan Lennon, Managing Director at open eir, said the partnership with KNNS is a critical component of the company's broadband investment programme: “eir has embarked on the largest telecoms investment project of its kind in Ireland. To date, we have spent close to €400m alone on our high-speed fibre broadband rollout programme. Not only is our partner KNNS playing a key role to ensure that we deliver our broadband solutions to communities right across the country as quickly as possible, they are doing so in a way that supports the local economy by recruiting staff from rural Ireland. eir has a proven track record in delivering quality broadband at scale, at pace and on schedule. No other operator is investing more in broadband rollout throughout the country”.

Damien Gallagher, KN Group, Managing Director (Ireland) said:KNNS has worked closely with eir since 2004 and has expertise in the rollout of fibre broadband networks, not only in Ireland but internationally. KNNS employs over 1,500 people throughout Ireland and sees at close hand the importance of high-speed broadband to rural communities. We are delighted to be involved with eir on such an important project which will catapult Ireland up the international broadband rankings in regard to coverage, speed and service”.

To date, 1.6 million homes and businesses have been provided with access to high-speed fibre broadband by eir with the company also committed to reaching an additional 300,000 rural premises before 2020 with work already underway. KNNS and open eir teams are working on roadsides all over Ireland laying fibre across eir’s network of 1.5 million telephone poles to upgrade the services that are currently available.

Once complete, 1.9 million premises, which represents roughly 80% of the homes and businesses in Ireland, will be able to access high-speed broadband. Beyond eir’s investment plans, the Government has, under the National Broadband Plan, committed to support the delivery of high-speed broadband to the most rural parts of Ireland.