The return of Nicholas St. Wenceslas: Meteor Champions Christmas Unlimited once again

T'is the season to boost your profit margins. Nicholas St. Wenceslas, CEO of Christmas LTD, is back and ready to make big bucks for his company in the sequel to Meteor’s award-winning Christmas Unlimited campaign. The king of cutting corners has moved his headquarters to the tropical, tax-neutral Christmas Isles where he’s been busy all year discovering more imaginative and over the top ways to make you pay more for your Christmas while giving you less. Nicholas and his no-nonsense assistant announced their money-making mission by disrupting the Meteor Extras campaign mid-ad on November 4th.

Nicholas continues his crusade for us to spend large amounts of our hard earned cash on Christmas LTD gifts, exclusively available from All supported by a heavyweight through the line campaign that encompasses TV, radio, press, outdoor, social, retail and digital. The main 30 second TV spot aired at 20:58 on Sunday, 8th November in a multi-channel roadblock while a range of outdoor formats will be rolled out, in addition to high impact digital homepage takeovers, rich media, tactical banners, cinema, VOD, radio and social media. will be fully stocked with the Christmas presents you never wanted, including the must-have toy of the year, Pebble Pals, the fragrance of the season, Festivity (the scent that really lingers), as well as firm favourites Vintage Eggnog and the Organic Snowman Kit. And while Nick cannot be in Ireland in person (tax cases pending), he will be engaging with people personally through his social media accounts on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.

Ultimately, Meteor's remedy to the Christmas LTD message ties into the great offers we have available for people to enjoy a Christmas with no limits, thanks to Meteor.

Director of Meteor, Maeve O’Malley said: "We are really excited to launch our Christmas campaign and bring back Christmas LTD and Nick St. Wenceslas with a bang. The campaign encapsulates everything people have come to expect from Meteor at Christmas: humour, fun and above all, superb offers on smartphones and bundles. Despite Nick’s mission to make you pay for Christmas, we have actually missed him and he’s the perfect vehicle to show people how to enjoy a Christmas without limits with Meteor."