eir Business Wins €200K Contract To Enable Nightline Couriers Deliver Parcel Pilot Service

eir Business today announced it is to provide the courier delivery service, Nightline, with connectivity and tablet solutions, allowing Nightline's customers to precisely track their delivery using its Parcel Pilot service. The deal, worth €200,000 over a two year period, enables the feeding of quick, accurate information between couriers and customers, improving the speed of delivery and the overall customer experience.

The initial roll out of mobile tablet connectivity covered 100 devices over the 2014 Christmas period and has since been extended to 450 of Nightline’s van drivers. Nightline experienced over 20% growth year on year during the 2014 Christmas period and delivered more than 2 million parcels to homes and businesses across Ireland.

Using eircom's 4G connectivity and an app developed by Irish start-up xPreso, Nightline's couriers can communicate delivery times to customers through tablets in their vans. The app also allows drivers to access maps, eircodes and delivery locations accurately through the one device. Nightline’s customers can track their delivery through precise alerts and reroute it to another location if necessary.

As part of the deployment, it was important that the mobile tablets could be locked down to specific apps and eir Business worked in conjunction with xPreso to deploy the most suitable requirements via a mobile device management application.

Bill Archer, Managing Director, eir Business said: "We created a bespoke solution for Nightline that is essentially an innovative way of using the latest technology to improve the overall service experience for its customers. Our extensive 4G network footprint with speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G ensures that the drivers and customers will be able to use the service right across the country."

John Tuohy, Nightline CEO, said: "Our partnership with eir Business  means we can offer our customers more specific information about when their parcel will arrive, helping to solve the problem of failed deliveries. At Nightline, we strive to provide the most innovative and solution-driven services for our growing customer base. As such, our customers can now contact our drivers in real time, and vice versa, to inform them if there is a change in delivery instructions.

 "The introduction of both eircodes and this new Parcel Pilot offering will allow us to ensure we have continued efficiency throughout all our deliveries, and are also enhancing our customer delivery experience. This newParcel Pilot service was first trialled last Christmas, which saw record breaking growth in deliveries, and I believe that this investment will ensure continued growth for our business."