eir CEO Customer Message

These are unsettling times for all of us, staying connected is more important today than it has ever been. For many people staying connected to work, to our family and friends, will take place remotely now and for the weeks ahead. Thankfully, with smartphones and broadband technology, the tools are in place to serve this vital need for connection. As the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop we have put in place measures to ensure risk to our people and eir's essential services are carefully managed.


eir has invested €1.5 billion over five years in its network, including the upgrade and expansion of its high-speed, high-capacity fibre network around Ireland. As more people work from home please rest assured that eir's network is robust. Working from home requires relatively little bandwidth and today our network is operating below the available capacity. Our field force of more than 1,000 network engineers continue to maintain the network and we are grateful for their commitment to keeping Ireland connected during this time. We have implemented additional measures to ensure their continued health and safety. We will continue to monitor these measures as the situation evolves.


In the weeks ahead we will focus on service for our customers to ensure we all remain connected as a nation. We have customer care call centres in Sligo, Cork and Limerick where we are implementing social distancing in the workplace and other measures to keep our staff safe. We expect to see increased call wait times as we facilitate new working arrangements for staff and navigate a world of school closures and social distancing. We thank our customers for their patience and understanding.  We also encourage customers, where possible, to make use of our online self-serve options including eir.ie/support. If a customer experiences an issue this can be logged on our log a fault page.


Know that we are doing everything we can to return to business as usual, as soon as possible. During this time of uncertainty, we will continue to work to connect the people of Ireland and to connect Ireland to the rest of the world.


Please stay safe, stay well and stay connected.


Carolan Lennon

CEO eir