eir Introduces No Limits Data For Mobile Customers

August 8th 2019: From today eir mobile customers will enjoy ‘No Limits Data’, benefiting from effectively uncapped data usage for prepay, bill and small business plans; a significant development for customers resulting from eir’s €150m mobile network upgrade. Approximately half a million eir mobile customers will automatically enjoy No Limits Data when they next top up their credit or immediately on applicable bill pay plans. This enhancement is an important step in the Company’s preparation for the delivery of 5G services in the coming months.

Susan Brady, Managing Director eir Marketing, said: “Our customers want to be connected at all times and to make the best use of every minute, whether that’s catching up on work in the park or on the latest Netflix series on their commute. eir mobile customers can now stream, download, chat and browse without the worry of running up large bills. No Limits Data is a game-changer for mobile customers in Ireland and an important development as we prepare to deliver 5G in the coming months.

Unlike other mobile networks, if an eir customer reaches 80GB of data usage, which is 10 times more than the average customer’s monthly usage, they won't face extra charges or be cut off from the service. Instead, their speeds will be slowed until their next payment cycle. This will apply to less than 1% of customers and is essential to safeguard the quality of all our customers’ experience.”

eir’s mobile network covers 99% of the population of Ireland, with on-going upgrades and plans to launch 5G in the autumn.