eir upgrades mobile plans, for free, to access Ireland’s biggest and best 5G network

1st of November 2021. eir, Ireland’s leading telecommunications provider, has announced that, from today, 5G will be enabled on all in-market mobile plans, at no extra cost for customers. In what is a first for the Irish market, eir mobile customers will be able to use the data on their plans to access the company’s extensive 5G network, offering up to 10 times the speeds of 4G. This will allow for the streaming of high-definition content without buffering, low-latency gaming and video calling, and enhanced reliability and capacity for businesses reliant on online tools and services.

In addition to the introduction of 5G across all eir mobile in-market plans from today, eir customers can also avail of 5G roaming in 22 countries across Europe, Asia, Canada and the Middle East, ensuring a seamless 5G experience when travelling. 

eir’s 5G network now provides more than 70% population coverage, in 352 towns and cities, across every county in Ireland. eir has built and continues to expand Ireland’s largest and best availability 5G network; with rigorous independent testing establishing that eir’s network is unbeaten across the three key metrics of speed, availability and experience. 

Opensignal, the independent global mobile analytics company specialising in measuring real-world mobile network experience, has analysed Ireland’s 5G experience and confirms that eir is the only telco to secure wins across all six categories of; 5G Download Speed, 5G Upload Speed, 5G Availability, 5G Video Experience, 5G Games Experience and 5G Voice App Experience*. eir’s 5G network was also independently tested by Ookla and yet again awarded the title of Ireland’s ‘Best 5G Network Availability’ in its most recent Q3 results for Ireland. Ookla is the global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing applications, data and analysis.

eir CEO Carolan Lennon said: “Independent mobile network testing companies have analysed eir’s 5G network and found that it leads for speed, availability and experience. To celebrate, and with the festive season just around the corner, we want to give our customers the chance to experience 5G for themselves, at no extra cost.

The benefits of 5G are numerous, 5G can enable real-time remote team working, with a faster, more reliable connection. This is particularly vital as hybrid working becomes a more permanent feature of our working lives. 5G isn’t just about faster connectivity, this is next-generation technology that brings with it the power to unlock innovation and benefits for people, businesses, education, communities and governments.”

eir customers can access 5G with SIM only plan from as little as €9.99 a month, including no limits 5G data, unlimited calls and unlimited texts. eir’s 5G service is available to eir customers on a range of 5G compatible devices including the new iPhone 13 and Samsung’s Galaxy Flip 3, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S21, the OPPO Find X3 Neo and many more. eir offers a broad range of 5G phones on the best value plans, with No Limits 5G Data included, for only €49.99 for eir broadband customers. All prepay customers now have access to our 5G network, at no extra cost, a first in the Irish market. 5G prepay handsets are available from as little as €129.99 when switching to eir and now No Limits 5G Data is available from only €20.

eir’s 5G network is complemented by a 4G network which is available to more than 99% of the geography of Ireland. This means that if a customer is using a 5G phone in an area that doesn't have 5G coverage, the connection will automatically move onto eir’s 4G network.

5G Roaming is now available 22 countries across Europe, Asia, Canada and the Middle East with additional countries, including USA and the United Kingdom to be added in 2022.