You want to understand who we share your data with and why we share it.

You can be confident that we protect your data and only share it with trusted third parties.

Who do you share my data with?

We share your data with a number of trusted third parties, who work on behalf of eir to provide you with products or services. We may also be required by law to share your data with law enforcement bodies.

How do third parties use my data?

They will use your data to provide a more efficient service to you on behalf of eir. In the case of law enforcement, they may use the data to protect you, or if the data is pertinent to an investigation.

What is credit insights?

Credit Insights is a database service available to the Irish telecommunications providers participating in the Credit Insights initiative. The database contains some details of individuals who have not paid their bills with the participating telecommunications providers and have been in arrears for a minimum of 90 days.