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We're giving both you and a friend a €75 SWIRL Prepaid MasterCard when they sign up to live life on eir.
Simply recommend eir Broadband to any friend or family member and once they've switched to eir,
you'll each receive a €75 SWIRL Prepaid MasterCard to spend as you wish. You can refer up to 3 friends.

Step 1: Fill in your friend's details on the form.
Step 2: We'll contact them by email to let them know about this great offer.
Step 3: Once your friend's eir account is up and running you'll both get your €75 SWIRL Prepaid MasterCard.

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Refer a Friend Frequently Asked Questions

What is Refer a Friend?

Our Refer a Friend offer is available to any existing eir landline customers. Refer up to 3 friends to sign up to one of our Talk Anytime & Broadband bundles. Once your friend's installation has completed and they have paid a bill, you will both be eligible for a €75 pre-paid Mastercard.

How it works

  1. You are a fixed line eir customer
  2. Refer up to 3 friends
  3. Once friends installation is complete and they have paid a bill, you and your friend will be eligible for a €75 pre-paid Mastercard
  4. Once this is completed, we’ll send you both an email telling you how to claim your Mastercard

Am I eligible?

All eir landline & broadband residential customers are eligible to Refer a Friend.

How can I refer?

Simply fill in the form above and your friend will be emailed with a voucher code to use when they order.

Is my friend eligible?

Your friend is eligible if they are currently not an eir customer and live in an area that qualifies for our broadband services.

How can my friend sign up?

Your friend will receive an email telling them that they have been referred by you. They must sign up online through a link in the email. They must enter their Refer a Friend code into the checkout screen when ordering so you can both receive your €75 pre-paid Mastercard. If your friend does not go through the Online ordering process or does not enter the voucher code, neither of you will get your rewards. So make sure they follow the correct process.

When will I get my €75?

Once your friend's installation is complete and they have paid a bill we will issue you with an email to tell you how to redeem your €75 pre-paid Mastercard. This can take a few weeks to complete so check in with your friend to see what stage their order is at.

How long is the Refer A Friend Offer Valid for?

The offer runs from Feb 2017 to 30th June 2017.

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