Tips for kids

Smart surfing for kids

Using the internet is fun and educational. It can also be a great way to share information and opinions with others. Online chat, forums, e-mail and social sites let you talk to new people and enjoy new experiences.

The following Smart Surfing tips will help you to figure out what to do (and what not to do) to stay safe online.

Smart surfing tips

  • Always get permission from your parents/guardian before using the internet.

  • Meeting people online might be fun, but remember the people you meet online may not be who they say they are. Someone claiming to be a 14 year-old boy may in fact be a 40 year-old woman.

  • Ask your parents or guardian before you give anyone on the internet your name or address, phone number or any other personal details. This includes the name of your school, your photo or any personal information about your friends or family.

  • If anyone asks you for personal information or if you feel uncomfortable in any way when chatting, log off and tell an adult.

  • Always tell an adult if you receive a message that is scary, threatening or rude. Do not respond, just log off.

  • If you want to meet someone you have so far only met online, ask a parent or another adult to go with you and always meet in a popular public place, preferably during the day.

  • Keep your password a secret, never give it to anyone (even your best friend).

  • Always ask a parent or adult before you fill out any forms, or give out money or credit card details.

  • Avoid opening e-mail from unknown sources.

  • Be polite when entering a chat room, check out what people are talking about before participating. Be careful not to use bad language, providers could terminate your account.