Use email safely

Email is a convenient, easy and speedy form of communication. Using email at home helps you stay in touch at any time. However, there are many scams and viruses out there that can attack the safe use of email.

The following are some simple ways to protect yourself when using email at home.

Simple steps to safely use email include:

  • Be suspicious of any email that you receive from someone unknown to you.

  • Do not open any computer files that are attached to an email before making sure that they do not contain a virus;

  • Do not send confidential information in an email and don't provide personal information in response to an unsolicited email or web address you do not trust.

  • Do not assume that advice or instructions in an email are well intentioned.

  • Treat emails from people or organisations you don’t know with extreme caution as they may contain computer viruses. Any attachments received in this manner should not be opened until they have been scanned by an up to date anti-virus programme such as Norton Internet Security

  • Install Spam email filtering so you do not receive junk mail which contains inappropriate material or viruses.

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