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Our Direct Debit service is all about convenience and minimum hassle. It's quite simply the easiest way to pay your bill and here are some reasons why:

  • Fast, convenient bill payment.
  • Certainty and peace of mind knowing your bill is paid on-time, everytime.
  • No queuing at the bank or post office.

How do I sign up?

You can set-up an Irish Direct Debit in My eir. If you haven't registered for My eir you will need your eir account number and telephone number to complete the short registration process. You can find your eir account number at the top of your bill.

You can set up an international Direct Debit by downloading this form.

You will then need to post this form to: eir Limited, Direct Debit Section, PO Box 52, Clonakilty, Co Cork. Alternatively you can fax this to 023 - 8863930. Please note - we cannot accept Direct Debit sign-up requests by email.

Direct Debit and SEPA:

In accordance with SEPA regulation, the details required for signing up to Direct Debit have recently changed. Instead of using your account number and sort code, you'll now need to provide your BIC code and IBAN. You can find both of these details on the top of a bank statement. Alternatively, you can use the IPSO website to convert your account number and sort code.

Bear in mind your Direct Debit may not be set-up in time for your next payment due date so you may need to pay your last bill by an alternative method.

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