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eir sport Pay Per View

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Warrington V Frampton – Saturday 22nd December on Channel 490 HD & 491 SD.

Order today by phone, webchat or by visiting an eir retail store.

Available to eir vision TV customers. Sky TV customers can order by visiting www.eirsport.ie/ppv

eir Sport Pay Per View FAQs

1. What is BT Sport Box Office?

BT Sport Box Office is a TV channel that lets you purchase and watch live pay-per-view events.

2. How can I watch a BT Sport Box Office event?

eir vision customers

Once you purchase a pay-per-view event you will be able to watch it live on BT Sport Box Office channels 490 HD & 491 SD. The charge for the event will be added to your next bill. The channels will be appear after a reboot of your set top box.

eir broadband customers with Sky TV

eir broadband customers with Sky TV can subscribe to BT Sport Box Office events by following this link

3. Can I watch BT Sport Box Office on the eir sport app or online?

eir customers can only view BT Sport Box Office events on eir vision and Sky TV.

4. Why am I paying for Box Office when BT Sport is free as part of my eir vision deal?

BT Sport Box Office events are an additional charge and not available as part of the eir sport pack.

5. I need help - how can I contact customer support?

I am having problems viewing the event on eir vision.

Contact us on XXXXXXXX.