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Other useful information and promotions explained

Products Explained


Bundled minutes exclude non EU international, premium rate and non-geographic usage. Fair usage policies exist on unlimited components of the bundle.
Handsets subject to availability and prices may vary. eir Mobile: Prices shown for additional mobile plans are subject to customer adding the mobile plan to an existing eir bundle.

Unlimited broadband

Unlimited broadband means you and your whole family can shop, stream and download as much as you like and not worry about exceeding a usage limit. Subject to a fair usage cap, don’t worry the usage cap will cover even the largest family.  

Unlimited home phone

Depending on which home phone plan you decide on you will get unlimited landline and mobile calls within your bundle. These calls are subject to fair usage cap.  Bundled minutes exclude premium rate and non-geographic usage.
Our international calls package included:
Unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines in certain international destinations including Bands 1,2,3,4,5,7 - Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Gibraltar, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Libya, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Morocco, Palestine, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Yugoslavia (Serbia & Montenegro). Canada, Great Britain, Isle of Man and Channel Islands Andorra, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands. Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark (including Faroe Islands), Finland, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Poland, Portugal (including Azores and Madeira), San Marino, Spain (including Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, and Ceuta), Sweden, Switzerland and Vatican City. Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, U.S.A. Australia (including Tasmania), Christmas Island, Hong Kong, Japan (Including Ryukyu Island), Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore.

Other useful information

  • Prices include a Direct Debit and self-service discount of €2. Customers signed up to Direct Debit and who register to My eir and paperless billing will maintain this €2 discount on their account. If the customer does not pay by Direct Debit they will be liable to pay an additional €2 for each billing period. Direct Debit is mandatory for online orders.
  • eir Fibre Broadband, eir Fibre Extreme and eir Broadband is subject to availability.
  • Bundles subject to a minimum contract term of 18 months. Early cease charges will apply where service is ceased within the minimum contract period.

Free Parental control

Our parental controls are router-level controlled: meaning that all devices connected to the home Wi-Fi network will be automatically subject to any blocks set up. Parental control can help you to:

  • Protect all family members from inappropriate content
  • Tailor control based on the device or content category so the 18 year old has more freedom than the 10 year old
  • Set up the total number of Internet hours in a day or set specific times of the day when your child can be online
  • Block certain websites or restrict access
  • More information on how to set up can be found here

Promotions Explained

Did you know our best deals are always online?

Have you seen eir on TV advertising that our bundles start from €30 a month? Well guess what, our fantastic bundles are even cheaper if your buy them here on our website. You can save 16% by buying them online. Have a look below:

 Standard PriceOnline Exclusive Price
eir Mobile 100 + 1Gb Data, efibre broadband and Unlimited home phone UK & Mobile calls

€30 per month
for the first 6 months for new customers
€100 thereafter

€25 per month
for the first 6 months  for new customers €100 thereafter

That's a saving of over 16% for buying online

This reduced price is only available online, you won’t get this price over the phone or in our shops.

This offer applies to new eir Fibre superfast fibre broadband bundle customers and is only available online. To avail of this fantastic offer all you need to do is:

  • Be a new eir customer
  • Select to buy the broadband bundle online
  • Check availability
  • Complete your order online

Introductory pricing

  • Find out the full details of our new customer promotional prices, eligibility and terms and conditions, click here.
  • Promotional prices available for new eir customers available until 31/08/16. After the promotion period the pricing will revert to standard bundle price.

Free connection

FREE Connection for all new eir customers until 31st August 2016.

  • If your home previously had an eir home phone line, all line work is in place and you wish to reconnect the connection charge will be FREE (worth €24.00).
  • If your home has never had an eir phone line but all line work is in place, the connection charge will be FREE (worth €49.99).
  • If your home has never had an eir phone line, or all line work is not in place, the connection charge will be FREE (worth €121.93).