Authorised User

What is an Authorised User?

An authorised user is a nominated contact that the account holder can have speak to eir on their behalf about their account. This process allows eir to discuss with the customers nominated person aspects of their account.
To request to add an Authorised User you can fill on our online form here

Why would I add an Authorised User?

Adding an Authorised ensures that you are prepared should you be unable to make contact with eir, for example if you are ill.  

Your Authorised User will be able to represent you and make changes to your account or just simply report a fault on your behalf.

Adding an Authorised User enables you to have the flexibility in managing your account if you are unable to contact us yourself.

Who can be an authorised user?

An authorised user can be anyone the account holder requests who is over the age of 18.

What can an authorised user do on my account?

An authorised user can do the following;

  • discuss any query relating to your eir bill
  • ask for updates on any orders relating to your account and give permission to reorder should an issue arise.
  • make changes to your account, such as changing your payment information or billing address
  • make a payment to your account and amend that information
  • log a fault with your eir service on your behalf or troubleshoot an issue. 
  • re-contract for a minimum 12 month period or amend the services on your eir account and approve add-ons to your account, but only if your monthly charge remains as is or reduces.

How can I add an authorised user to my account?

The easiest and quickest way to add an authorised user is to use our online form. Should you wish to talk to us you can call on 1901. Please note to set up an authorised user over the phone you will need to have both the account holder and authorised user present.

What details do you need to create an authorised user and why do you need them?

We will need the following details to create an authorised user
  • Authorised User First NameAuthorised User Surname
  • Authorised User Date of Birth
  • Authorised User Security Question
We use these details to ensure we can carry out data protection with the nominated contact before discussing any details of your account with them.

If I want to change my authorised user can I do this?

Yes you can do this. Should you wish to add an additional authorised user you can use our online form. Should you however wish to completely change your authorised user or remove an authorised user from accessing your account you will need to contact us on 1901.