What to expect

What are part period charges?

Part period charges can appear when:

  • You’re a new customer
  • Have changed your service
  • Have added a new product/service to your account

Your normal charge is billed a month in advance so the additional part period charges cover the period from when the new product/service went active, up until your bill date.

For example, if you had your installation appointment on the 24th of November and your first bill issues on the 5th of December, your bill will include a part period charge from the 24th of November to the 4th of December. You would then pay a charge for your price plan for the month ahead (from the 5th onwards).

When you might see part period charges

You might see part period charges

  • On your first bill with eir
  • If you add a new service or product to your bundle
  • If you purchase an add-on