Paying by direct debit

Signing up to Direct Debit

Irish Direct Debits:

  • You can set up a Direct Debit using Irish bank account details in my eir.
  • Once logged in you will see the option to set-up your Direct Debit on the dashboard or under the profile section.
  • Direct Debit details can also be amended in the same way.


International Bank details:

  • Please fill out a Direct Debit mandate and post it to the address noted on the form.
  • You may need to pay one more bill by an alternative method before your Direct Debit is set-up.
  • We will notify you by letter when your details have been processed.

How do I change my payment details?

You can amend your Direct Debit details online in my eir.

If you wish to add/amend international payment details fill out our International Direct Debit form. If we need to send you this form we will advise of the return address on that form. 

Please note we cannot accept these requests via email. If you are cancelling your direct debit you will need to contact eir in order for us to process this request.

If I pay part of my bill online will the remainder be taken by Direct Debit?

Yes – once we receive your payment approximately 5 working days before your Direct Debit is requested from your account then only the remaining balance will be taken.

When will my Direct Debit be taken?

You can see the exact date on your bill. We will automatically apply for payment on this date. It can then take up to five working days for your direct debit to clear with your bank.