What to expect

My broadband usage allowance

Your usage allowance depends on your bundle. You can find details on your bundle in my eir. Should you exceed your usage limit, or your usage exceeds the fair usage policy, you may be charged. Charges are outlined below.

  • eir Broadband Advanced, eir Broadband Solo Advanced and eir Fibre are subject to a monthly usage cap of 30GB; eir Broadband Solo Essential is subject to a monthly usage cap of 2GB.
  • For customers availing of these packages, usage in excess of the caps is charged at €2.03 per GB up to a maximum of €24.40 per month (values inclusive of VAT).
  • eir Fibre (Unlimited) and eir Fibre Extreme packages are subject to a fair usage policy of 1TB (1,000GB) per month. 

Usage in excess if this is subject to a charge of €2.50 for every 10 GB up to a maximum of €100 per month (values inclusive of VAT).

This charging is not applicable to new or updated eir Fibre packages ordered after July 25th 2018. Existing eir Fibre customers may request to update their package, subject to current terms and conditions, by contacting Customer Care on 1901.

Call allowance

Call charges apply outside of any free call allowance within your bundle.

Call charges depend on the length of the call and may depend on when you make the call.

You can view a breakdown of the charges on our Pricing Page or review an itemised breakdown from your bill each in month in my eir.

Also note that local and national calls included in your bundle, are subject to the ’59 min rule.’ This means that calls are charged after 60 min so we recommend that you hang up after 59 minutes and dial again to avoid being charged.

eir Mobile allowance

For eir Mobile we have usage alerts set up.

An SMS will be sent to you when you reach 80% usage. If you have mobile broadband the message will go to your mobile dashboard as normal.

Changing your bundle/plan

If you feel like you current bundle doesn’t suit your needs there are a number of things you can do.

  • You can view your current usage in my eir.

If you're not sure what your next steps are, have a chat with our Customer Care team on 1901.