Unpaid bills

Disconnection policy

It is our policy here at eir that bills due must be paid on or before the date specified on the bill. This normally allows a period of 14 days after the bill date for payment, 21 days if you pay by direct debit.

If you do not pay your account by the due date we may restrict your service. Before doing this we will endeavour to contact you to remind you that your bill is overdue.

Should your line be restricted in this manner you will still be able to contact the emergency services via 112 or 999.

If after we restrict service in this way your balance remains outstanding we will write to you informing you that your contract will be terminated (notification of termination).

If the amount due remains unpaid after the time specified in the notification of termination your account will be terminated and your line removed. At this point you will no longer be able to contact the emergency services and will receive your final bill.

We will continue to follow up on outstanding balances after the final bill issues.

How to get reconnected

In order to have your service reconnected, you will need to clear the balance on your account.

Your balance viewed and paid in my eir. It may take a number of hours for your service to be reinstated.