Your bill explained

Possible reasons your bill is higher than expected:

  • You may have usage/excess charges on your bill for usage not covered by your broadband, home phone or mobile plan. You can keep track of your usage in my eir to prevent out of bundle charges in future. See our Usage allowance article to learn more about usage charges.
  • A discount or promotion may have finished e.g. 6 months free TV. Login to my eir to view your previous bills and credits
  • If you’ve added a service, there may be Part Period charges on your bill. These cover usage of the service from the date it was added to when your bill was issued. Find out more about Part Period Charges.
  • You may have an outstanding amount from your previous bill - check out 'other charges' section on your bill. Login to my eir to view your payment balance and bill breakdown

Did you rent a movie? You'll see a charge for eir vision On Demand on your bill

If you have an eir Talk plan

You may have exceeded the minutes of your price plan.

An eir Talk plan will have certain call types and lengths included. Any calls made outside of your plan will be charged at the standard rate and added to your bill.

You can check your plan in my eir.

If you’re an eir Mobile customer

Your bill may be higher than expected due to one of the following reasons:

  • Add-ons – Did you purchase any add-ons throughout the month?
  • Roaming – have you recently been abroad? Click here to learn more about roaming costs
  • Out of bundle charges – have you gone outside your inclusive minutes, texts or data? Examples of charges generally not covered by your plan include:
    • Premium rate calls (including lo-call 1890 numbers)
    • Roaming calls
    • Directory enquiries
    • Voicemail services while roaming (depending on the country you are roaming in)
    • It’s important to always refer to the terms and conditions of your plan as these rules may vary per plan.
  • Premium Rate Services/texts – have you used a premium rate service? Check the Value Added Services (VAS) section on your bill.
  • Is this your first bill? If so, pro rata charges may apply, click here to learn more about your first bill.
  • Promotional Discount - Promotional discounts don’t apply until your first bill is issued, therefore usage that occurred on the days leading up to your first bill day are not covered by this discount. You will be able to see your applicable discount for the month ahead on your bill under ‘other credits and charges’.


You can view details for mobile out of bundle charges on our Pricing page.

Controlling your usage

The best way you can keep track of your usage in my eir however we are always trying to look out for the best interests of our customers.

In this regard we also review your unbilled usage between bills and should this go higher than your normal monthly spend we will send you notifications to advise you about it so as to help avoid unnecessary high bills.