Billing charges explained

Part period charges

If this is your first bill with eir, there will be a charge for usage that occurred before your first bill was issued. This information is known as Part Period charges and is shown on page 3 of your bill.

To read more about Part Period charges click here.

VAT charges

The standard VAT rate on goods and services is 23%. Your bundle, service, call and other charges will be listed on your bill excluding VAT.

VAT will be added to your overall bill at the end.

Unpaid charges

If your Direct Debit was returned/unpaid by your bank you will be charged a fee. The charge relates to our bank charges and administration costs. You should contact your bank directly if you have a query on an unpaid Direct Debit.

Usage charges

You will see usage charges on your bill if you have made calls outside of your bundle, or have incurred excess usage charges. You can track your usage at all times on my eir.

Click here to find out more about usage allowances.

Rental from

‘Rental from’ is the period of time your bundle charge covers for the month(s) ahead.

Deposit charge

You will be charged a deposit if you have never been an eir customer and are not set up to pay your bill by direct debit.

The deposit will be held for a minimum of 12 months before being applied back onto your account.