Bill Charges Explained

eir Bundle Price

This shows how much your eir bundle costs each month and is billed in advance. If you are on a promotional discount your promotional price, discount and promotion end date will be shown in this section.

Plans and add-ons

If you have added any extra services to your account, they will appear on your bill as an Add-on. Examples of Add-ons include:

  • Sky Sport & Cinema Pack
  • eir vision Experience pack
  • HD pack
  • Data Add-ons for both Bill pay and Pre pay customers

Some add-ons come with an introductory discount which expires after an agreed length of time. If you are querying your bill, please first check the expiry dates on any discounts you might have.

Service Charges

This shows any charges for services like call answering, or equipment rental like a Multiroom box. If you would like a more in-depth explanation of Part Period Charges, see here

Part Period Rental

Part Period Rental can appear in the form of a charge or a credit on your account. They will appear on your bill when:

  • You're a new customer and it's your first bill with us
  • You have changed your service
  • You have added a new product or service to your bundle

In essence, it means you are paying for more than one month of usage. This is because those charges are covering the period from when your service first went active up until your first bill - as well as your price plan for the month ahead. Your ordinary agreed price plan is billed a month in advance.

For example, if you had your installation appointment on the 24th of November and you first bill issues on the 5th December, your bill will include service charges from the 24th of November until the 4th December. This is called a Part Period charge. Your ordinary price plan would also be included in this bill - from the 5th December to the 4th January.

Remember that Part Period Rental is charged based on the individual service - not the bundle rate.

Installation / Activation Fees

If it's your first bill with us, or you have recently changed your service, you might see an activation or an installation fee. These are one-time-only charges and are clearly labelled on your bill.

Deposit Charge

You may be charged a deposit when you buy a handset with us. This charge can be refunded six months after the purchase.

Early Cease Charges

All eir products and bundles have a contract term. If you cancel within this time you will be issued with an Early Cease Charge (or ECC). The amount you are charged depends on how long is left in your contract.

For more information, see our Terms and Conditions here

Unpaid Direct Debit Fee

If your Direct Debit payment was returned by the bank, this will appear on your eir bill as an Unpaid Direct Debit Fee. This currently stands at €18.45.

This charge relates to bank charges and administration costs.

If you have a query relating to this fee, you should contact your bank directly. You should
also be aware that the bank may charge you an overdraft fee.