How do I turn paperless billing on/off?

Paperless billing can be managed by logging into my eir.

my eir stores up to 12 months of PDF bills which are available for you to download should you need them.

If you turn off paperless billing you will start receiving your bill in the post.

How can I get a printed copy of my bill if I’m on paperless billing?

my eir allows you access of up to 12 months of your bills in PDF format which are available for download and printing.

The PDF bills are the same as a paper bill would be.

When you can view your bill

We’ll send you an email as soon as your bill is ready to view in my eir.

If you haven’t received an email about your bill check your spam/junk folder, as sometimes the email can be located there.  To make sure you receive your email in the future, please mark the email as safe, or move it to your inbox.

How quickly will my paper bills stop after switching on Paperless Billing?

We might already be processing your bill when you sign up so you may receive up to 2 more paper bills.

Can I use a paperless bill for tax or credit purposes?

Yes, the bill you see online has all of the same information a paper bill would have. You can also print your bill from my eir.