Troubleshooting High Bills

Is your bill higher than anticipated?

There could be several different reasons for this.

If your bill suddenly increases (or decreases) and you haven't changed your usage, it's worth looking into. Read on for the most common causes of high bills.

You can manage and view most of these using your my eir account

Discounts Ending

If you have recently recontracted your service with us, or if you are a brand new customer, it's likely you had a promotion or discount added as part of your plan. These discounts have an expiry date. When your promotion expires, you pay the full price for the formerly discounted service. There are different types of discount available:

Bundle Discount - Our best value is in a bundle. The more you bundle, the more you save. With these promotions, you will continue to receive your discount as long as you remain in contract, and you don't change your bundled services

Price for Life - This discount does not expire. The price is locked in and does not change unless you change your service, or avail of another promotion

Direct Debit Discount - There is a standard discount of €2 for every customer who pays
by direct debit. This discount is permanent as long as you are paying by Direct Debit

To find out when your discount expires, login to your my eir account, or double-check your Welcome Email.

If you think that a discount or promotion was not added, get in touch with us and we can apply the discount manually.

Please note that discounts are introductory offers only. They cannot be re-applied when
they have expired.

Premium Rate Services

Premium Rate Services (PRS) are information and entertainment services provided by third-party companies. These services can range from horoscopes to Radio / TV competitions to classified ads. The example we come across most frequently is the competition line for The Late Late Show.

These services are charged at higher rates thatn standard calls and texts. Premium Rate
Voice services have a 15 prefix like (1515 or 1530), and Premium Rate SMS services
consist of 5 digit numbers and typically begin with the number 5.

These third-party companies can operate in underhand ways. In some cases, you may
not realise you have subscribed to a service until you start receiving notifications via

Here are some things you need to know about Premium Rate Services:

  • Premium Rate Services are not included in any eir package. As such, charges for these
    services cannot be disputed by eir
  • If you don't remember signing up for any Premium Rate Service, check with other members of the household - they may not have been aware they were signing up to a repeat subscription
  • You can enter the number into this Service Checker to find the origin
  • You can find copies of your bills - fully itemised - on your my eir account

To put a bar on Premium Rate Services, all you need to do is send an SMS. Text 'PRSMBAR' to
50104. This bar can be lifted by texting 'PRSMALLOW' to 50104.

For for information on Premium Rate Services, click here

First Bill

Click here for a breakdown of your first bill.

Part Period Rental

Click here for an explanation of Part Period Rental.

Out of Bundle Charges

If your bill is higher than usual, but your bundle price remains the same, it could be due to excess usage charges. Here are a few of the most common:

Call Charges Outside Landline Package:

Check your itemised bill to see what calls you were charged for.
Some calls such as International calls, calls made while roaming in the EU and premium rate
calls may not be included in your package. If you were charged for calls you did not make, get in
touch with us here.

Pay attention to the duration of the calls. Calls are charged after 60 minutes so we recommend
that if you are on a call that you expect will take some time, hang up after 59 minutes and
call again. This way you will avoid being charged.

Some Landline plans have different pricing for Peak and Off-Peak calls:

  • Peak hours are 7AM - 7PM Monday -Friday including Public and Bank Holidays
  • Off-Peak hours are 7PM - 7AM Monday - Friday, midnight Friday to midnight

Excess Broadband Usage:

Your usage allowance depends on your bundle. Details of your broadband package can be found on your my eir account. If you have exceeded your usage limit, or your usage  exceeds the Fair Usage Policy you may have been charged. The below charges only apply to older broadband plans. Our newer plans are totally unlimited.

Excess Usage is charged at €2.03 including VAT per GB up to a maximum of €24.40 including VAT per month

eir fibre packages with an unlimited usage allowance are subject to a Fair Usage Policy of 1TB per month

Usage in excess of 1TB will be charged at €2.50 including VAT for every 10GB up to a maximum of €100 including VAT per month.

You can check your broadband usage using this link

EU Roaming Charges:

Have you been out of the country recently? Calls, texts and data can cost you more when used outside of Ireland.

Click here for our EU Roaming rates.

You can look under International Call Bands here to find how we group individual countries.

Excess Mobile SMS Charges:

Did you know?
Depending on the device, some emojis or emoticons can cause an SMS to be converted to a Multimedia message (MMS) which may result in additional charges.
Very lengthy texts may also be converted to MMS.

Another thing to look out for is Premium Text messages. These SMS appear on the bill as coming from your number - not the number of the company.

Excess Mobile Data Charges:

Mobile Data is charged in two ways; it is either included in your plan, or you're charged for what you use. Excess mobile data refers to mobile internet usage that exceeds the package amount.

To see what your data limit is, login to your my eir account. You can also check your usage here to keep track of how much mobile internet you use.

Fair Usage Policy

Some of our older Landline, Broadband and Mobile plans come with a Fair Usage Policy. Any usage in excess of the Fair Usage Policy will incur additional charges. These charges are sometimes called Out of Bundle Charges.

See here for more information on the policies for Landline, Mobile and Broadband.

Click here for the details on our Fair Usage Policy.