Improve your broadband speed

Why does my broadband speed vary?

Your broadband speed can vary for many reasons but there are two main factors:

  1. The speed your line can take (which is dependent on how close you are to your local eir Fibre cabinet or exchange)
  2. How your device connects to your broadband (Wi-Fi) or cable. Wi-Fi coverage may reduce with distance from the router. To learn more see our video here.

How to check your broadband speed

If you are an eir customer, you can check your broadband speed here

Tips for running a speed test

  • Run a speed test on a laptop or PC connected to your router with an Ethernet cable to see whether you are getting full speed or not.
  • Disconnect all other devices accessing the Wi-Fi network to ensure you are getting a true speed result – if you are getting the full speed with the cable, please see our Wi-Fi speed optimisation tips here.

If your broadband speed is low on a cable connection, follow these steps:

  1. Restart your router.
  2. Keep your router close to the phone socket. Your modem/router should be as close to the phone socket as possible. Modem queries click here
  3. Check the speed on other devices if possible. This will determine if you have issue with the broadband speed or the device itself
  4. If you experience slow speed on your computer try:

a. Clear the browser's cache
b. Stop automatic updates, they can run in the background and use up a lot of your bandwidth
c. Ensure you are using the latest browser. Try upgrading your Internet Explorer, or installing a different  one for free: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari.
d. Check your antivirus is up to date and you are fully protected


If you are not getting close to full speed with an Ethernet cable on multiple devices, Get in touch with our broadband support team here