Support for your modem

How can I change my admin password?

Please follow the steps below to change the admin password on your F2000 modem:

(This process will change the admin password on your modem, not your WiFi password)

1. Open a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome)

2. Type into the address bar and press enter.


Support for your modem 1

3. Enter admin as the username and the admin password. This can be found at the back of your modem. (This is also the modem wireless key). Note: If you have changed your admin password before please use your most recent password as the 'Old password'.

4. Select Maintenance from the tabs on the bottom of the page.

5. Select 'User Account' from the presented menu.

6. You are now required to type in your old password (The admin / wireless key at the back of your modem)

7. Then enter your new password

8. Confirm your new password

9. Click on Apply to save your changes

Your password has now been changed.

You will need this password to access your modem. Note: Your wireless key has not changed. This will continue to be as shown on the back of your modem (in step 3 above).

Should you experience any issues after changing your password or forget the new password you have chosen, press the reset button located on the side of the modem next to the power cable to return the modem to the factory defaults.

I’m having intermittent problems connecting to WiFi?

You may need to update the wireless card drivers on your computer/laptop to stabilise your WiFi connection as our new F2000 modem uses the latest technology to interact with devices. Updating your wireless card drivers is free to do, this update merely tells your computer to recognise newer software and will help you to connect in future. We recommend contacting the manufacturer of your device for further support.

Can I set up a static IP address?

To enquire about obtaining a static IP address for your modem please contact us. You can Live Chat with a member of our Eir care team Online during standard opening hours.

my eir Fibre modem is broken, how can I get a replacement?

Please contact eir Technical Support on 1901 and a replacement modem will be arranged for you. You’ll need to return the old modem and all accessories to eir. Please have your equipment securely packaged and ready for collection when the replacement will be delivered to you by courier.