Modem Parental Controls

Setting up parental controls

Our F3000, F2000 & F1000 modems have easy to use parental control settings which enable you to restrict or block access to websites, and set a limit to the amount of time spent Online in your home.

These settings remove the need to install parental control software on every device connecting to the internet, and are a great way to prevent family members and visitors from accessing inappropriate content while connected to the internet in your home.

These controls can be easily managed from your modem’s admin page, and can be altered to suit the needs of each device connecting to the internet.

Select your modem from the options below for further instructions:


To set up parental controls on your F3000 modem, follow our easy step-by-step guide.


To set up parental controls on your F2000 modem, follow our easy step-by-step guide.



To set up parental controls, you will need to connect an available laptop or computer directly to your modem using the Ethernet cable supplied during installation. Once connected, follow the steps below:

  •     Open a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome)
  •     Type into the address bar and press enter
  •     Enter admin as the username and your WiFi password. You can find your WiFi password at the back of your modem
  •     Select Security
  •     Select Parental Control
  •     Under General select “Enable” and click apply at the bottom of the screen
  •     Select “Add new PCP”

You will now see a number of options:

To block or restrict access to a website select “Add” under “Blocked Site/URL keyword” and input the website or keyword you’d like to block. Click OK and input the time rules from the options above to determine when this rule should apply.

To set a time rule tick “active” at the top of the page and input the day and time(s) you would like to block. To set this rule up for all users in your home leave the “Home network user” as “All”. Alternatively, to set this rule for a particular device select your device from the dropdown. Once you’re happy with your settings click “Apply”.

Set up parental controls on your search engine

  • Encourage your child to always use child-friendly search engines, such as Swiggle or Kids-search.
  • Safe search settings can be activated on Google and Bing.
  • For other search engines go to safety settings.
  • See here for how to turn the safety mode on YouTubeiTunes and Google Play.