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What do the lights on the modem mean?

Select your device and you will a find a guide on what the lights mean and how to troubleshoot issues with them

General troubleshooting steps

1. Check the basics

Check your modem is turned on and you can see a solid DSL light and blinking internet light
Can you see any WiFi networks in range?

If not, ensure wireless is enabled on your device.
Restart your modem and follow step 1-5 below:

Turn off the modem using the On/Off switch
Unplug the power source on your modem
Wait 30 seconds and plug it back in
Wait 2 minutes for your modem to restart
The DSL light should be solid and the internet light should be flashing

2. Check all connections are secure

If you have extra equipment such as a filter, unplug these and connect your modem directly to the left-hand side of the telephone socket

Ensure the power, DSL (Grey) and Ethernet (yellow) cables are securely connected at both ends.
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3. Remove third party networking equipment

If you have any third party networking equipment (such as a separate router or network switch), disconnect it temporarily and test your connection with the eir modem connected direction to the telephone socket.

If you have any custom configuration done to the eir modem you will need to reset it to factory defaults (click here for the steps to follow for this) and test it with it's factory default configuration. Remember to re-apply any customer configuration to your eir modem when the issue is resolved.

If the problem is resolved when the eir modem (in default configuration) is connected directly to the telephone socket than the issue is likely with your third party network equipment in which case you should consult with the devices manufacturer for support.