eir Fibre Availability

How to find out if eir Fibre is available in your area

To see if eir Fibre is available to you click here and enter your number in the box provided.


Our eir Fibre coverage map can also give you an estimation on when eir Fibre may be available.


If broadband is not available, you can chat to a member of our online sales team to discuss alternative options.  Click here to arrange a call back.

Do you live in a Fibre enabled area but still can’t get high speed broadband?

If your home or business is located in an area on our map that is high speed broadband enabled, there could be a number of factors stopping you from gaining access.

Your home/business may be connected to a cabinet that has not yet been upgraded. Cabinets are continuously being upgraded, so in the meantime please bear with us during this process.

Your home/business may be located too far from a cabinet to support high speed broadband. Unfortunately it is not economically viable to install the necessary equipment in all areas; however there are a number of initiatives underway to improve broadband services across the entire country. Find out about the National Broadband Plan here.

Why has my areas Fibre availability time been pushed back?

The changes on the map can be a for a number of reasons - delays, high volume of work required by engineers, responses to storm damage, infrastructural works and  planning permission among other factors. The map serves to provide an indicative timeframe of when Fibre will be made available and it is subject to change.