Learn about eir Smart WiFi Hub

What is eir Smart WiFi Hub?

eir Smart WiFi Hub is a device to extend your modem’s WiFi signal range. Unlike Homeplugs/WiFi extenders, it extends the WiFi signal without have to run this signal through the powercables in your home.

Why should I buy eir Smart WiFi Hub?

Benefits of a the eir Smart WiFi Hub compared with a traditional WiFi extender

eir Smart WiFi Hub projects the same WiFi ID as the modem, what does this mean?

You do not need to reconnect or setup your devices to the expanded network, they will connect automatically once the eir Smart WiFi Hub is setup.
You can move throughout your home and all your devices will automatically connect with the strongest and fastest WiFi signal strength seamlessly.

eir Smart WiFi Hub devices can be connected to a modem wirelessly with WPS, what does this mean?

The means that the eir Smart WiFi Hub can easily installed, in most cases at the touch of a button.
Current extenders are required to be plugged into a power socket and as such can be affected by any devices plugged into your home power supply and over time interference through power connections will degrade a WiFi expanders life-span.

In Tests carried out by our Irish device partner the eir Smart WiFi Hub;

  • Increases home wifi coverage by 150m2
  • Improves WiFi signal strength by ten times against the current generation of WiFi expanders
  • Allows double the amount of devices to be connected wirelessly while maintaining your current WiFi speeds.

What the eir Smart WiFi hub looks like?

The image below Show the Front, side and reverse view of the eir Smart WiFi hub and its various functions and connections

How do I return a device?

We hope that our device will improve your WiFi coverage within your home. However should you not be completely happy within 14 days of ordering your product you can return it by following the process here.

If you are having trouble with your device you can follow our basic troubleshooting steps here.

If you have been unable to correct using our troubleshooting steps please contact our tech support teams on 1901.

Will the Smart WiFi Hub work with my modem?

Yes the eir Smart WiFi Hub will work with all modems. If you have a modem other than an eir F3000 fibre box or later, you will need a minimum of two mesh devices and need to follow our Companion Set-up
Should you wish to buy an F3000 device you can go to our accessories website or purchase by calling our Customer support teams.