Fix eir Smart Wifi hub connectivity issues

If the WPS on the Smart WiFi Hub doesn't pair with the F3000 or Higher modem?

If you having trouble pairing the Smart WiFi hub with your F3000 or higher modem through WPS, you can also connect with an Ethernet cable.

Once the connection is made with an ethernet cable the Smart WiFi will then also you to pair with the modem and can be used wirelessly after that point.

What can I do if the Smart WiFi Hub Link signal LED flashes red?

If the link LED is red or flashing red the Smart WiFi hub has either a weak signal or has lost the signal to the modem.

To correct this move the device to an optimum point closer to the modem from the current location to allow the signal to pick back up to a green light.

The signal is poor in my location, what can I do to improve it?

While all premises will differ in terms of size and make-up this diagram will show where tests show the best overall wifi coverage in your type of home.

How to Check the Device is working & Basic Troubleshooting


The Power LED should be solid green.

The backhaul link LED should be SOLID, either green, orange or red. It is best if this LED is solid green, however a solid orange or a solid red is acceptable.

The Wi-Fi Fronthaul LED should be solid green

The diagram below outlines what each led means
Basic Troubleshooting;

  • Power LED flashing all other LED's solid; Device update is in progress, please wait a few minutes.
    WiFi LED flashing all other LED's solid; the WPS window is open
  • Power LED is solid green. Link LED is flashing red. Wi-Fi LED is OFF; the device is trying to make a connection to the modem, please wait a few minutes
  • Power LED is solid green. Link LED is flashing red. Wi-Fi LED is green; the connection between the Smart WiFi hub and your modem has been lost.