Learn how to monitor your broadband usage

How do I check my broadband usage?

You can view a breakdown of your broadband usage in my eir including total uploads, total downloads, usage for the month and historical records.

Is there a limit to my broadband usage?

eir Fibre Unlimited Broadband plans come with a Fair Usage Policy. For all customers on these plans, the Fair Usage Policy is 1TB of data. This translates to 1,024GB of data. To give you an idea, this would work out at 655,360 web pages (with 1.6MB average file size).

While this is a huge amount of data, in extreme rare cases, we have had customers exceed this limit. For those that do a charge of €2.50(inc. VAT) for every 10 GB up to a maximum of €100(Inc.VAT) per month will apply.

How much will I be charged for exceeding my fair usage allowance?

  • Excess usage is charged at €2.03 per GB up to a maximum of €24.40 inc VAT per month.
  • eir Fibre packages with an unlimited usage allowance are subject to a fair usage policy of 1TB per month.
  • Usage in excess of 1TB will be charged at €50 inc VAT for every 10GB up to a maximum of €100 inc VAT per month.

Further information can be found in our terms and conditions.

Will watching eir Sport online or through the app effect my usage?

  • Watching the eir Sport app or online using your eir home Wi-Fi connection will count towards such limits and excess usage charges may apply if such limits are exceeded*.
  • Watching the eir Sport app using your eir Mobile or Meteor mobile will not count towards your mobile data limit. Usage of the app on all other mobile networks will count towards your mobile data limit.

*If you have eir fixed line residential broadband we recommend to check your broadband usage stats via my eir

Does watching eir Vision impact my broadband usage?

No, eir Vision does not count towards your monthly broadband usage allowance.