What to expect

When will fibre broadband be available in my area?

Please visit www.broadband.gov.ie to discover when High Speed Broadband will be available in your area.

How much will it cost?

  • The cost will be dependent on your broadband provider.
  • To give you an indication of prices and the broadband bundles we currently provide, visit our broadband page
  • If you fall into the amber area of the map the DCCAE have indicated that the same level of competitive pricing should be expected.

What speeds will I get?

  • The National Broadband Plan aims to ensure that all businesses and people, regardless of location, will have access to high-quality next generation broadband.
  • This broadband will have a minimum speed of 30MBps, however many areas will see higher speed.

Learn more about broadband speeds.

My neighbours have eir Fibre why can’t I get it?

  • In order to be able to avail of eir Fibre (with speeds from 30Mb/s or more), your address either needs to be within 1.2km of the cabinet providing eir Fibre to your area or to be passed by our Fibre to the Home network, where speeds of up to 1Gb/s are available.
  • Should your home or business be located in a Blue area on the DCENR map, we are committed to addressing any areas whereby customers cannot yet avail of high speed broadband
  • If you are currently unable to avail of eir Fibre it's possible you may be able to avail of our standard broadband service with speeds available up to 24MB.

Why are there differences between the DCCAE and the eir coverage map?

  • The map issued by the DCCAE shows specific areas of planned Fibre coverage by eir and other operators (the area shaded in blue and light-blue).
  • The eir coverage map shows the boundaries of eir exchanges, and highlights which exchanges have fibre available or where fibre is planned in future.
  • Currently not all homes within an exchange can avail of Fibre, and we recommend checking your home for availability by using the phone number or address search tool.
  • Our maps will be continually updated as new fibre areas become available.

We recommend you check our eir Fibre rollout map regularly as we continue to roll out to more and more premises.