What are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks?

Why does my WiFi network name appear twice in my list of connections?

Our new F3000 & F2000 modem broadcasts its WiFi network on two WiFi frequencies. This means there are two possible ways you can connect your device to your WiFi network.

What will I see?

When setting up your WiFi you may see your WiFi network name appear twice, with one option ending in 2.4GHz and another ending in 5GHz. Only some devices can pick up both frequencies and there are different reasons for picking a particular connection.

Which should I choose?

Generally WiFi devices operate on 2.4GHz, therefore it can be assumed that other WiFi devices in your home such as baby monitors, cordless phones and digital TV signal senders may sometimes interfere with your modem's WiFi signal strength. This can be managed by changing some of your WiFi settings, or by moving these devices away from your modem to reduce interference.

5GHz is a newer way of broadcasting a WiFi signal so you can expect there should be less interference with other WiFi devices should you select this option. However, while you may experience a stronger connection on 5GHz, the frequency wavelength is shorter and you may need to be closer to your modem to pick up a connection. We recommend trying both options to determine which works best in accordance with your home.

How can I switch between 2.4GHz and 5GHz?

Select the WiFi network name ending in 2.4GHz or 5GHz when connecting to WiFi on your device. Our WiFi set-up tutorial will show you how to manage your WiFi settings on different devices. If you cannot see a 5GHz option this means that you cannot connect to this WiFi frequency on your device.