eir WiFi

What is eir WiFi?

eir WiFi is a guest WiFi service that you can enable on your eir modem to let guests connect (eir WiFi as Host) and in turn, allows you to connect to any eir modem that has eir WiFi enabled (eir WiFi as Guest). For more information click here

eir WiFi Host information

You don't need to register for eir WiFi Host service as all eir Fibre customers with F3000 & F2000 modems are automatically enabled for eir WiFi Host service. If you’re not sure which modem you’re using please check the label on the back of your modem.

If you wish you can opt out of eir WiFi Host service at any time via my eir. You can also opt back in at any time.

It may take up to 24 hours to process this request and update your eir Fibre modem.

Please remember that even if you disable the eir WiFi Host feature on your modem you can still use free eir WiFi service as a guest customer.

How much of my eir fibre speed will I share with eir WiFi Guest users?
As an eir WiFi Host, up to 3MB download and 1MB upload bandwidth is available for eir WiFi Guest users. This is the total aggregate allocation of upload and download bandwidth across all eir WiFi Guest customers i.e. not per guest.

eir WiFi Guest information

Getting Started
Here are the basics to help you in getting started with eir WiFi Guest:

  • You can register for eir WiFi Guest Service via my eir
  • You don't need an app to access eir WiFi
  • You can access eir Wifi service through your mobile phone. Laptops and PCs are not compatible with eir WiFi service
  • You only need to register once, not for each device
  • You can safely share your eir WiFi Guest account details with your family and friends
  • Up to 5 devices can use the same eir WiFi guest account at any given time

    Connecting to eir WiFi
    Follow these 3 steps to connect to eir WiFi:

    1. Search for available wireless networks on your device
    2. Select 'eir WiFi' network from the list
    3. When prompted enter eir WiFi Guest username and password

    You'll need to enter your eir WiFi username and password only once on each device. After that you'll be connected automatically.

    Up to 20 devices can connect to eir WiFi service on one eir Fibre modem at the same time.

    A maximum of 5 devices can use the one eir WiFi user name and password to access the internet simultaneously via one or more eir WiFi Host customer’s modem.

    Change or Forgotten eir WiFi Guest Password
    You can reset or update your eir WiFi Guest password via my eir

    Please note that all people who share your account will need to update the password on their devices.