How do I register a device?

Log in through the eir sport app and it will register your device automatically. You login using your my eir login details. For more information on registering for my eir click here

How do I swap devices?

This can be done in 2 different ways:


  • Log into your current device
  • Go to Settings/Device Management
  • Click on the Device and choose ‘Remove’
  • Go to your new device and simply login



  • Log in to the eir sport App or website from your new device you want to register
  • Click "Settings" and choose "Device Management"
  • Select the device you no longer need
  • Click on "Remove device" option
  • Choose "+" symbol , login again and this will register your new device

Note:There is one device swap allowed per calendar month.

I am unable to swap devices

If you have registered the incorrect device and are unable able to change it due to the "monthly device swap rule" please contact our Technical Support team on 1890 260260.

Experiencing issues with device recognition and swaps

If your device is recognised more than once, this may be due because you have a piece of software (CCleaner or your own browser settings) running in the background which is deleting the eir Sport cookie.

If this cookie is deleted, subsequent logins will be recognised as a 'new device'. This is happening because eir Sport relies on the acceptance of cookies to recognise the device registered.

To overcome this, users should 'uncheck' the option to delete cookies.

Please note that using your browser in 'Incognito' or 'Private Browsing' mode will also prevent the acceptance of cookies and may cause device recognition issues.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our Technical Support team in 1890 260 260.

I have a new iPhone and I’m unable to register it for eir sport

If you have a new iPhone and have reinstalled all your apps from the Cloud, you’ll need to delete your eir Sport app and re-install

This is because the existing App was installed from an old device and you need a new version of the App for your new device.

If you have run out of swaps, please contact technical support and they can assist.