What is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is an on-demand entertainment service that offers streaming of thousands of popular movies, TV episodes and award-winning Amazon Originals such as Good Omens, The Boys, Carnival Row & Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.

Who is eligible for Amazon Prime Video on eir?

All residential eir broadband customers and  eir TV customers. 

Note: to avail of Amazon Prime Video, customers must be on our new billing system. To find out more login to your my eir account

What are my Amazon Prime Video membership benefits?

Amazon Prime Video includes the following benefits:

  • Unlimited streaming on-demand of thousands of movies and TV episodes, including award-winning Amazon Originals.
  • Ad-free uninterrupted viewing, by multiple users, across three screens at once.
  • Access actor bios, soundtracks, trivia and more with X-Ray.
  • Available to watch on a variety of devices.
  • Titles available in 4K UHD.

If I already have a streaming service subscription (like Netflix, NowTV, etc.), why would I need Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video offers access to a variety of TV episodes and movies that can’t be viewed through other streaming services, including award-winning Amazon Originals such as The Grand Tour & Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. With these, and thousands of other TV episodes and movies, unique features like X-Ray, the ability to watch content on different devices at the same time, or download for offline viewing on compatible devices, Prime Video is a great choice for any household or individual who likes to discover new content or watch their favourites at home or on-the-go.

Can I access all of the video content that Amazon Prime Video has to offer with my Prime Video Membership?

You have access to all Amazon Originals, as well as thousands of additional popular TV episodes and movies with your Amazon Prime Video membership.

How do I get Amazon Prime Video from eir?

New customers who sign up to broadband and/ or broadband or TV will get access to Amazon Prime Video within 30 mins of connection by registering via www.myeir.ie. Further information can be found at eir.ie/primevideo

Existing customers simply logon to www.myeir.ie and register today.

How long do I get access to Amazon Prime Video?

Any new or existing eir Broadband customer can avail of 12 months Amazon Prime Video, courtesy of eir.  When the promotion ends, your Prime Video membership continues uninterrupted as you are automatically enrolled into a monthly payment plan of the standard price of (€5.99/month) This will be paid as part of your eir bill.

You can cancel this membership should you wish to discontinue the service on www.myeir.ie  and you will no longer be billed.

eir TV customers can avail of Prime Video while an eir TV customer until further notice.

What happens to my Amazon Prime Video account if I cancel my broadband subscription

If you leave eir or cancel your broadband subscription your Amazon Prime Video membership will be cancelled by eir within 30 days.  If you wish to retain Prime Video you will need to activate with Amazon directly.

To continue your Prime Video membership, please visit https://www.primevideo.com/. Sign-in using your Amazon details and directly sign-up for Amazon Prime Video to continue enjoying the benefits.

What if I already have an Amazon Prime Video membership?

Existing Amazon Prime or Amazon Prime Video members already have access to Prime Video via their Amazon account. In order to sign up via eir’s offer, you would need to cancel your current membership directly with Amazon.

How do I cancel an Amazon Prime Video membership that is activated through the eir offer?

Amazon Prime Video is included with residential broadband plan including TV.  If you wish to cancel your Prime Video benefit, please visit www.myeir.ie and cancel your membership there

What happens to my Amazon Prime Video membership if my eir account is cancelled?

If your eir account is canceled, you will also lose access to your Amazon Prime Video membership.