eir TV on your Apple TV

Top Features of the eir TV app

For help Navigating the eir TV Online Player on your PC or laptop, click here

General Navigation

  • You can navigate the eir TV app on Apple TV using the supplied remote, click here to familiarise yourself with the remote
  • Use the touchpad on the remote to highlight menu options and click on the touchpad to select them
  • Press the Menu button to bring up the main menu in the eir TV app
  • When watching a live show, swipe down on the touchpad to bring up Recording, Subtitle and Audio options
  • You can swipe left and right on a live show to quickly change channels or swipe up on the touchpad to bring up a channel list that you can scroll through
  • When watching a paused show or a paused recording, swipe left and right to rewind and fast forward through the show

More Information

Using subtitles

A lot of the content on eir TV will have subtitles that can be enabled.

  1. When watching a programme, swipe down on the touch surface of your remote control
  2. Select Subtitles
  3. Select the language you wish to view the subtitles in and click on the touch surface to enable it
  4. If you wish to disable subtitles, select Off and click on the touch surface to disable subtitles

Some channels / programmes do not have subtitles available.

Changing Audio track


Some content on eir TV will have different audio tracks available (audio descriptive, different languages and so on).

  1. When watching a programme, swipe down on the remotes touch surface
  2. Select Audio
  3. Select the option you wish to listen to and click on the touch surface to enable it

You can also change a couple of other audio settings here like the Dynamic Range and switching to any external speakers you may have set up.

Not all channels or programmes will have alternate audio tracks available for them.

eir TV Pin

When your eir TV service was ordered, a PIN was created. This PIN can be used to add on channel packs through the eir TV app. By default, the PIN is set to 0000, but you can change through your my eir account:

  1. Log into my eir
  2. Click my profile on the top menu
  3. Scroll down to the eir TV service and click on it
  4. Find where it says TV PIN. Click Update
  5. Type in a new four-digit PIN and click Save

Parental Control Options

The Apple TV has built-in parental control options called Restrictions. This allows you to restrict access to certain content and features on the Apple TV. For more information, click here

If you are having difficulty changing your PIN or setting the Parental Controls, get in touch with us

How to Set a Recording

How to Manage Recordings