Hardware & Device Issues

Cables and Connections

If the Apple TV and the television volume are working but there is still no sound, checking the cables is the next step

  1. Locate the HDMI cable and unplug it at both ends, then plug it back in
  2. Try swapping the ends of the HDMI. In other words, plug the end that was in the television into the Apple TV box and vice versa
  3. If you have a different HDMI cable, try using that one. Also try using a different HDMI port on your TV
  4. Try a different device in each of the HDMI ports

eir TV Sound Issues

If you are having problems with the sound on your Apple TV, here are some things you can do to fix it.
There are several reasons you might be experiencing problems with your sound:

Volume and Muting
First of all, make sure your television is not on mute. Look for a symbol of a speaker with a diagonal
line across it. It should be on the screen as well as your remote control. Click it to mute / unmute

Control Television Volume
Hold the volume up button on the TV remote for several seconds. The television's volume can also
be controlled using the Apple TV remote.

TV Speaker and Sound Volumes
Your Apple TV can be configured to send the audio to other devices such as soundbars or home
theatre systems

  1. Press the Menu button on the Apple TV Remote
  2. Highlight the Settings app and click on the touchpad
  3. Highlight Audio & Video and click on the touchpad
  4. Make sure the audio output is set to Apple TV. If you are usig an external device like a soundbar
    or a home theatre system, ensure the correct device is selected
  5. Set the surround sound to the best quality available

Device Registration Issues

Follow these steps to diagnose your problem:

  1. Confirm your device meets the minimum requirements
  2. Double check your my eir account is valid and active. If you do not have an active my eir
    account, you will need to create one
  3. Make sure there are no business accounts added to your my eir account. eir TV is not
    available for businesses at this time
  4. If you only have mobile with us, confirm your package supports eir TV
  5. Check my eir for available device swaps

If you are still having difficulty, get in touch with us

Registered Device No Longer Working

Here are some possible causes for your registered device no longer working:

Streams buffering or pixelating:

  1. Make sure there isn't an issue with the service (outages or other technical issues)
  2. Try power cycling your device
  3. Try playing a video on YouTube or any other online video platform. If the video has issues,
    it's likely that your connection is the problem
  4. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app
  5. Try on another device

Manually Updating you Apple TV device

Updating your eir TV with the eir Remote for Apple TV. Watch our video below.