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eir TV on the Apple TV

eir TV on the Apple TV is provided through an app running on the Apple TV 4K. You will also have access to all the major streaming platforms in one place (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, RTÉ player, and so on)

eir TV Mobile App

eir TV will also be available on Android and iOS devices with the eir TV app. You will have all your channels available to stream and cast while on the go.

Channel Add-ons

You can add extra channels directly from the eir TV app. Enter your eir TV PIN and the channels will be added right away.

The default PIN for eir TV is 0000. You can change your eir TV PIN through your my eir account.


You can have a total of three Apple TVs with eir TV - you can put them in any room that has an internet connection.

  • All channels you subscribe to are available on every Apple TV you receive
  • The eir TV app on Apple TV is registered to your broadband line and will not work in other homes
  • As eir TV uses cloud recordings, your recordings are available on all your Apple TVs


eir TV is a self-installed device. You will receive the equipment by courier and it's very easy to get set up. You can also request a technician to install the service for you at a cost of €69.99. The equipment will arrive by courier and you must provide it to the install technician when they arrive.