Before anything else, make sure your TV and box are plugged in and switched on

Broadband Issues

The eir TV service runs over your internet connection, so if your broadband is having issues,
you will likely see problems with your eir TV as well.

Learn how to check your broadband for problems here

'No Signal' Message
Getting a 'No Signal' message when you turn on your TV? This means your TV is not
receiving any video or sound information. The following steps to get your TV up and
running again

  1. Ensure there's not any disconnected cables: Make sure all cables are inserted properly to ensure
    there are no hardware failures
  2. Restart your Apple TV: Hold down the Menu and Home buttons on the Apple TV Remote Control until
    the light on the Apple TV box starts to flash. Your Apple TV will then restart
  3. Disconnect: Disconnect the Apple TV from the power source. Wait six seconds, then plug it back in
    and wait for it to boot up

What Next?
Still getting a 'No Signal' message? Get in touch with one of our experts here